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Weight Loss for Women in Houston, TX

Are you frustrated with your weight loss efforts? Do you eat right and exercise only to have the pounds stay on your body? The problem may not be your effort, but a physiological resistance to losing weight. At Houston Reveal MedSpa we offer medical weight loss programs for women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy.

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What is Weight Loss for Women?

At Houston Reveal MedSpa we understand that weight loss is not always within our control. For some women, diet and exercise are not enough because their bodies have physiological factors that deter losing weight. Our medical weight loss program addresses these problems through hormone supplements and B-12 injections, as well as safe and effective weight loss counseling.

Weight Loss for Women Benefits

At Houston Reveal MedSpa women have learned about the factors that interfere with their ability to lose weight. Hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies will cause your body to hold onto fat and even prevent muscle gain. By working with our board-certified (gynecological) surgeon, Dr. Imtiaz, a specialist in hormone management for women, you will learn how to lose weight and improve your overall health.

What Weight Loss for Women Services are Available at Houston Reveal?

The Houston Reveal MedSpa medical weight loss program for women includes:

  • Professional weight management counseling
  • Supplements
  • B-12 injections
  • Prescription medications for weight loss

Our services complement a healthy diet and exercise routine to help you achieve your ideal weight.

How is Weight Loss for Women Performed?

First, Dr. Imtiaz will order blood work to evaluate your levels of hormones, minerals, and other key nutrients. Once she has the results, she will work with your nutritional counselor to identify the appropriate supplements to help you lose weight. The counselor will also help you develop an effective diet and exercise program. You will receive periodic B-12 injections to help with your metabolism. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor your progress.

Weight Loss for Women Preparation

One of the best ways to prepare for your medical weight loss for women program is to give yourself hope. You may feel frustrated by your challenges to lose weight, but our approach will get you to your ideal weight.

Weight Loss for Women Recovery

Our approach to medical weight loss for women is unique, but you have to follow the guidelines that are developed by your counselor and Dr. Imtiaz. With some dedication and effort, you will reach your ideal weight.

How Much Do Weight Loss for Women Services Cost in Houston?

Medical weight loss for women may not be covered by your insurance. Our patient coordinator will evaluate your coverage after your consultation. You are responsible for any portion that is not covered by insurance. We accept payment by cash, major credit card and CareCredit® financing.

Are Weight Loss for Women Services Right for Me?

If you have stayed dedicated in your nutrition and exercise, yet have not lost weight, medical weight loss for women may be right for you. Houston Reveal MedSpa offers weight loss counseling combined with other services to help you reach your ideal weight.

Houston Reveal Weight Loss for Women Consultation

At Houston Reveal MedSpa, we encourage you to stay committed to losing weight. To learn more about our medical weight loss for women, contact us to schedule a consultation with a weight loss counselor.

Losing weight is a top priority for women in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas, including Cypress, Sugarland, and Katy, but sometimes nature is not on our side. Houston Reveal MedSpa offers medical weight loss for women services that are clinically managed by our board-certified (gynecological) surgeon, Dr. Farhina Imtiaz.

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