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Treatment Options for Female Incontinence

If you are a woman with incontinence, you may feel as though your life is far more complicated and worrisome than it used to be. Now, every laugh, sneeze or cough could lead to an embarrassing leakage that is completely out of your control. And while liners and adult diapers exist, you may feel that these options just aren’t right for you. If you have been seeking treatment options for female incontinence that will allow you to retain your dignity and reclaim your confidence, then you have come to the right place. Here is what we recommend:

ThermiVa™ for Incontinence

An effective and non-surgical method to address mild female incontinence, ThermiVa™ can help with a wide range of vaginal concerns. The procedure uses radiofrequency energy to improve the tightness of the vaginal canal and labia majora, reduce dryness in the vagina, address mild incontinence and boost sexual pleasure.

Safe for use on internal and external areas of the vagina, ThermiVa™ stimulates collagen production to increase support to the soft tissues located there.

Why Choose ThermiVa™ for Incontinence?

There are a variety of reasons why ThermiVa™ may be the best choice for you. With no downtime required, it is a convenient and discreet way to address your incontinence concerns. The procedure time with the device lasts approximately three to five minutes, so your appointment will just be a brief portion of your day.

Afterward, you can return to your daily activities as normal. In most cases, patients require three treatments, spaced in one-month increments, to get the desired results.

Let Us Help You Determine the Best Method of Treatment

At North Cypress Women’s Center, we understand that every woman is different. As a result, what works for one, may not work for the other. Fortunately, with years of experience helping women overcome the challenges posed by incontinence, you can rest assured that no matter what method you require, you will be fully taken care of, from start to finish.

Are you interested in ThermiVa™, or what other treatments for female incontinence may be right for you? If so, we are here to help. Simply contact us today to schedule your consultation, and take the first step on the road to reclaiming your bladder.

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